The Autumnal Goddess Gathering

September 13th - September 15th

Nockamixon State Park


Past Retreats

Costa Rica

March 21-28, 2020


 Costa Rica: Building strength, Finding Peace... In Paradise

Come with us on a journey to Pura Vida Retreat and Spa. Pure Vida means “pure life” and you will enjoy your unique experience at one of the world’s foremost Wellness & Yoga destinations. Join us in nourishing your mind, body and spirit while exploring the hidden beauty of Costa Rica.


Pura Vida was a delightful experience! The Vista room provided a breathtaking view of the central valley, both day and night. The food was fresh and flavorful, especially using the various homemade sauces provided. My daily turmeric tonic was delicious as well. The yoga was varied and enjoyable and I meditated daily for the first time! All of my spa treatments were unique, mindful and thoroughly enjoyable! Thank you!
— Betsy
The retreat to Costa Rica was a trip to the no judgment zone with fun, happy people embracing the world of healthy living. I enjoyed amazing food, relaxing meditation, spa treatments, enlightening excursions and yoga; all of which has introduced me to a new, healthy and enjoyable way of life. Thank you!!
— Tom
This retreat and mixture of people was just amazing! I loved every minute of it! Everything from the people to the food to the excursions were just so much fun! The yoga was awesome, the treatments were amazing and the staff was so thoughtful! This was my first yoga retreat experience and I will definitely be there for the next one! Thank you!!
— Susan
This was such a wonderful leap of faith for me! I didn’t know the group very well but based on the joy I always felt after classes at Shanteel, I was drawn to do something unlike I’ve never done before. What a fun group of people; so much laughter, some personal insights and hopefully some growth. Great choices on excursions and spa treatments. I am so glad I came. Thank you!!
— Leslie
The resort was beautiful, it was well maintained and clean. The food was excellent, fresh and well prepared. The excursions were fun and the pool area was great for socializing. I stayed in a tentalow and enjoyed it very much and highly recommend.
— Bill
The resort was surrounded by lush foliage and tropical flowers. I awoke each morning to the sound of birds singing, the smell of fresh coffee and guided meditation and yoga. The food was organic and the taste was exceptional. Although I did not know many people on the retreat, I felt welcome and included. I would recommend this trip to anyone looking for a unique experience.
— Gail

Divine Feminine Retreat at the Himalayan Institute

September 28th-30th 2018


Shanteel Yoga Sanctuary is hosting a 3 day retreat in the beautiful rolling hills of the Pocono Mountains. Together we will take a peaceful refuge from our everyday world to Embrace Autumn in its full vibrant color.


This was a new kind of retreat for me, to focus on mind, meditation and gratitude. I am used to body focused retreats. This was fabulous!
— Beth

I enjoyed the combination of Shanteel time with time spent on the campus of the Himalayan Institute. I went to Kripalu a few years ago alone, which had it’s benefits, however I enjoyed the Himalayan Institute more and part of that is because I was there with such a supportive and caring group. Claudine, Jennifer, and Marcy each brought their own unique additions, with their own stories and guidance, which made for a very balanced energy if that makes sense! I felt it was a perfect medley of topics/learning, open discussion, and quiet time to journal/read/reflect. One of the main things I took away was how to journal more constructively. For example, having 2 different journals, one for dumping and one for gratitude (self and others), also realizing the difference between being hopeful about something and actually believing it. I am happy that Marcy took the time to break this process down and guide us on how to question our own beliefs and what is holding us back from letting go. Another take away was realizing how much I enjoyed the Hatha classes on campus, with the reminder of how the postures aren’t always serving us if our breath is compromised.
— Heidi
The freedom to participate in those activities we wanted to participate in and not being subject to judgment for not participating in a certain activity; the discussions and advice offered; the participation of those who attended the retreat because without that, others might not have felt comfortable participating and the discussion time would have not been successful; sound healing was awesome; the hike was great; the grounds were beautiful; sharing with beautiful women who were open, kind caring and non-judgmental. There was no pressure to meet someone else’s expectations and it was purely up to the participants to get out of the retreat what they wanted. I did not participate in all of the events and did things that I purely wanted and felt comfortable doing which made it a relaxing, enjoyable and positive experience.
— Janice
The quality of compassion and understanding, empowering us as women, community is important. Balance between doing stuff and free time!
— Brenda
I want to thank you for a wonderful weekend! All things happen exactly as they are supposed to and this weekend was just what I needed.
— Patricia
I enjoyed the sound healing most of all! It was very meditative and the hikes were a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. I did like the bonfire, which provided for some social time with the group. I enjoyed the facility, yoga classes and meals.
— Victoria