S is for Sacred, A sacred place to call home

H is for Hero, Finding the hero within ourselves

A is for Admirable, Which is how we see each other

N is for normal, We are comfortable being extraordinary

T is for tough, For we are not easily broken

E is for enjoy, Let us laugh and sing in pure delight

E is for Embrace, Taking  in whatever life has to offer us

L is for Learning, As the wisdom we continuously seek


Shanteel  Yoga Sanctuary believes if we come together and strengthen as a community  we will ultimately find Peace.

We encourage our community to invite exploration and healing not only in the physical body but in the mind as well. We are here on the same journey to experience optimal health, happiness and purpose and together we will find it. With integrity, passion, gratitude and appreciation we unroll our mats to find our true selves to join with others.