The Kansa Wand is a beautifully designed handheld face and body tool.

Kansa means bronze; bronze is a combination of copper and tin, and is known in India as ‘the healing metal’ it is the same metal that is used to make hand hammered Himalayan singing bowls and gongs.

The wands are used to help relax and revive the face, neck, shoulders, feet, and other parts of the body through connection to marma points. Marma points are vital energy points used in Ayurveda in a way similar to which acupressure points are used in Traditional Chinese medicine. Marmas are activated by: touch, exercise, aroma, sound/mantra and color.

Dr. Vasant Lad says that massaging the marma points, “activates the bodies inner pharmacy, changing the biochemistry, and can unfold radical, alchemical change in one’s makeup.”

When used on the face it provides a gentle lifting affect, revitalizing the complexion by increasing blood circulation. When used on the body it aids relief from pain and tension.



  • 60 minutes: $70
  • 75 minutes: $85
  • 90 minutes: $100

Multiple Sessions  Offered by Jennifer at a Discount:

  • 3/ 60 minute: $195
  • 3/ 75 minute: $225
  • 3/ 90 minute: $280

*Modalities may be combined, for example: 1 Sound Session, 1 Kansa Massage & 1 Reiki Session. Be creative, you are worthy.

To make an appointment & for more information please text Jennifer

at 215-353-6086  (do not have voicemail)

or email: woodthrush9@gmail.com