Raindrop / Vitaflex Therapy


Raindrop Technique

Raindrop is a sequence of anointing with oils using various techniques that brings structural and electrical alignment to the body in a relaxing and invigorating manner through the power of essential oils. Most Raindrop Oils are high in phenolic content to ward off potentially damaging viruses and bacteria while cleansing cellular receptor sites to enhance cellular cox helps move the healing molecules of essential oils along the nerve pathways helping to restore proper function.

There are over 5000 Vitaflex points on the body.  

The Oils used in Raindrop Technique  and Vitaflex Technique are Young Living Essential Oils and are therapeutic grade.


Energy Drumming

Energy Drumming is a specialized technique that sparks a discovery of radiant energy. It facilitates deep relaxation and promotes healing. Research indicates that even brief heartbeat drumming can enhance meditative brainwaves and increase a sense ommunication and improve overall bodily function.  Some Raindrop Oils contain a variety of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes to assist in deleting misinformation in the DNA and in reprogramming correct information in cellular memory to restore and maintain physical and emotional wellness.


Applied Vitaflex Technique

Vitaflex is a term coined by Stanley Burroughs from the phrase “Vitality through Reflexes.”  It consists of specialized digital stimulation using the pads and nails of the fingers in a rolling motion to fire voltages into the body through reflex points. Vitaflef personal power.  The healing art of Energy Drumming allows the vibration of the drum to tune the body to its optimal frequency!


Raindrop Technique:75 minutes $110

Vitaflex Technique:60 minutes $ 80

Reiki:60 minutes $ 70

  • with essential oils add $ 10
  • with drumming add $ 10


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