Myofascial Awareness Therapy


Myofacia is the term for the soft tissue matrix of the body: Myo-,  referring to muscles,  and Fascia, referring to the connective tissue web that interpenetrates every fiber of our being. . Fascia is like a 3-dimensional spiderweb of support and organization that connects every cell of our body, from the crown of the head, to the tips of the toes. (Muscle tissue is actually just an extension of the fascia). It is a tension-based system, much like the guy wires in a tent. And it is dynamic;  It supports us in all that we do (and don’t do).

Some tension in the Myofascial Tissue is ideal, as it supports us in gravity and maintains a graceful balance and symmetry in the body. For most of us, however,  the Myofascia becomes bound-up and restrictive in areas, influencing our overall posture, flexibility, and wellbeing.

Restrictions manifest as holding patterns and emerge in response to external stresses on our bodies. This is our mind-body’s way of protecting us from perceived threats. These include stresses on the physical, emotional, and mental levels:  Repetitive postures/motions, injuries, traumas, surgeries, situational stresses, overstimulation (multi-tasking), etc. In many cases we hold on to old patterns, no longer aware that they are even there.

Each person has a unique assemblage of holding patterns that have been laid down over time; a tension-based auto-biography of sorts. In Myofascial Awareness we tune into your story through the physical structure of the body, and allow the body and mind to unite and process some of the unresolved issues in that story. You get a front row seat to experience your own self-healing narrative!

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Some Conditions Myofascial Awareness Therapy can help with:

  • Musculoskeletal issues

  • Chronic pain management

  • Scoliosis

  • Headaches

  • TMJ

  • Sinus issues

  • Old injuries & rehab

  • Balancing posture

  • Restoring flexibility

  • AND routine maintenance


Myofascial Awareness is a structural bodywork modality that:

  • Identifies holding patterns in the body

  • Brings holding patterns into awareness through touch so that the mind-body can fully process them

  • Fosters the release of out-dated patterns, allowing for a more graceful, vibrant self to emerge.

  • Best of all, is that we honor and connect you with your own unique healing expression, allowing you to experience your infinite inherent capacity to heal yourself!


  • 60 minutes: $80

  • 75 minutes: $96

  • 90 minutes: $112

  • 10% off any session for Shanteel Members

  • Package deals and discounts for frequent visitors available

Suggested attire:                                                                                                                              

  • No oils or creams will be used and you will be clothed for the session.

  • Men: Shorts/briefs for men

  • Women: bra/sports-bra and shorts/yoga pants