Myofascial Awareness Therapy



Myofacia is the term for the soft tissue matrix of the body: Myo-,  referring to muscles,  and Fascia, referring to the connective tissue web that interpenetrates every fiber of our being. . Fascia is like a 3-dimensional spiderweb of support and organization that connects every cell of our body, from the crown of the head, to the tips of the toes. (Muscle tissue is actually just an extension of the fascia). It is a tension-based system, much like the guy wires in a tent. And it is dynamic;  It supports us in all that we do (and don’t do).

Some tension in the Myofascial Tissue is ideal, as it supports us in gravity and maintains a graceful balance and symmetry in the body. For most of us, however,  the Myofascia becomes bound-up and restrictive in areas, influencing our overall posture, flexibility, and wellbeing.

Restrictions manifest as holding patterns and emerge in response to external stresses on our bodies. This is our mind-body’s way of protecting us from perceived threats. These include stresses on the physical, emotional, and mental levels:  Repetitive postures/motions, injuries, traumas, surgeries, situational stresses, overstimulation (multi-tasking), etc. In many cases we hold on to old patterns, no longer aware that they are even there.

Each person has a unique assemblage of holding patterns that have been laid down over time; a tension-based auto-biography of sorts. In Myofascial Awareness we tune into your story through the physical structure of the body, and allow the body and mind to unite and process some of the unresolved issues in that story. You get a front row seat to experience your own self-healing narrative!

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Some Conditions Myofascial Awareness Therapy can help with:

  • Musculoskeletal issues
  • Chronic pain management
  • Scoliosis
  • Headaches
  • TMJ
  • Sinus issues
  • Old injuries & rehab
  • Balancing posture
  • Restoring flexibility
  • AND routine maintenance

Myofascial Awareness is a structural bodywork modality that:

  • Identifies holding patterns in the body
  • Brings holding patterns into awareness through touch so that the mind-body can fully process them
  • Fosters the release of out-dated patterns, allowing for a more graceful, vibrant self to emerge.
  • Best of all, is that we honor and connect you with your own unique healing expression, allowing you to experience your infinite inherent capacity to heal yourself!

Suggested attire:                                                                                                                              

No oils or creams will be used and you will be clothed for the session. 

Men: Shorts/briefs for men

 Women: bra/sports-bra and shorts/yoga pants


  • 60 minutes: $88
  • 75 minutes (initial eval): $108
  • 90 minutes: $128
  • Promotional: $20 off initial evaluation (75 minutes for price of 60)
  • 10% off for Shanteel Members
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The Kansa Wand is a beautifully designed handheld face and body tool.

Kansa means bronze; bronze is a combination of copper and tin, and is known in India as ‘the healing metal’ it is the same metal that is used to make hand hammered Himalayan singing bowls and gongs.

The wands are used to help relax and revive the face, neck, shoulders, feet, and other parts of the body through connection to marma points. Marma points are vital energy points used in Ayurveda in a way similar to which acupressure points are used in Traditional Chinese medicine. Marmas are activated by: touch, exercise, aroma, sound/mantra and color.

Dr. Vasant Lad says that massaging the marma points, “activates the bodies inner pharmacy, changing the biochemistry, and can unfold radical, alchemical change in one’s makeup.”

When used on the face it provides a gentle lifting affect, revitalizing the complexion by increasing blood circulation. When used on the body it aids relief from pain and tension.

  • 60 minutes: $70
  • 75 minutes: $85
  • 90 minutes: $100

Multiple Sessions at a Discount:

  • 3/ 60 minute: $195
  • 3/ 75 minute: $225
  • 3/ 90 minute: $280

*Modalities may be combined, for example: 1 Sound Session, 1 Kansa Massage & 1 Reiki Session. Be creative, you are worthy.

To make an appointment & for more information please text Jennifer

at 215-353-6086  (do not have voicemail)

or email:




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This is a traditional massage using light to moderate pressure, helping the body to relax through rhythmic, flowing movements . This modality serves to warm the tissue, calm the nervous system, and improve circulation. Hand-blended, organic massage oils will be used to also nourish and hydrate the skin.

*A great choice for stress management and deeper relaxation.


60 minutes: $78

75 minutes: $98

90 minutes: $108

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Rosanna Smith

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Raindrop Technique:75 minutes $110

Vitaflex Technique:60 minutes $ 80

Reiki:60 minutes $ 70

  • with essential oils add $ 10
  • with drumming add $ 10


Call for an appointment - 215-470-4136  

Currently available Mondays

Raindrop Technique


Raindrop is a sequence of anointing with oils using various techniques that brings structural and electrical alignment to the body in a relaxing and invigorating manner through the power of essential oils. Most Raindrop Oils are high in phenolic content to ward off potentially damaging viruses and bacteria while cleansing cellular receptor sites to enhance cellular cox helps move the healing molecules of essential oils along the nerve pathways helping to restore proper function.

There are over 5000 Vitaflex points on the body.  


The Oils used in Raindrop Technique  and Vitaflex Technique are Young Living Essential Oils and are therapeutic grade.


Energy Drumming


Energy Drumming is a specialized technique that sparks a discovery of radiant energy. It facilitates deep relaxation and promotes healing. Research indicates that even brief heartbeat drumming can enhance meditative brainwaves and increase a sense ommunication and improve overall bodily function.  Some Raindrop Oils contain a variety of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes to assist in deleting misinformation in the DNA and in reprogramming correct information in cellular memory to restore and maintain physical and emotional wellness.


Applied Vitaflex Technique


Vitaflex is a term coined by Stanley Burroughs from the phrase “Vitality through Reflexes.”  It consists of specialized digital stimulation using the pads and nails of the fingers in a rolling motion to fire voltages into the body through reflex points. Vitaflef personal power.  The healing art of Energy Drumming allows the vibration of the drum to tune the body to its optimal frequency!