Sound Session Therapy




Sound Therapy is based on the theory that all cells and organs vibrate at certain frequencies. The harmonics of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tuning Forks & Crystal Bowls facilitate bringing the autonomic nervous system into balance; promoting stress reduction, relief from pain, and an overall sense of centered well-being.

Sessions may include; bronze & crystal singing bowls, gong, tuning forks, indigenous instruments and vocal toning. Essential oils if desired. 

*Please wear comfortable clothing for your session.

  • 60 minutes: $70
  • 75 minutes: $85
  • 90 minutes: $100

Multiple Sessions at a Discount:

  • 3/ 60 minute: $195
  • 3/ 75 minute: $225
  • 3/ 90 minute: $280

*Modalities may be combined, for example: 1 Sound Session, 1 Kansa Massage & 1 Reiki Session. Be creative, you are worthy.



To make an appointment & for more information please text Jennifer

at 215-353-6086  (do not have voicemail)

or email: