Shamanic Healing & Awakening

with Akasha NohAta 

Akasha NohAta

  What is Shamanic Healing?

A shaman is a healer who moves into an altered state of consciousness to access a hidden reality in the spirit world for purposes of bringing back healing, power, and information.  Shamans believe that all problems, physical, emotional or mental have their root cause in spiritual imbalance.  Please know that I do not call myself a shaman, but a practitioner of the art. I respect all lineages and indigenous cultures.   

Shamanic Soul Journey

Working with me privately, we will take the time to set mutual intentions, and really dive deep into the layers of where the disturbances in your life began.  I will travel into the realms of Spirit and ask for assistance in our journey together.  Often times it comes in the form of a guide, angel, or trusted guardian in which I will retrieve information about ancestral lineage and karmic ties to release blockages in the body.  This is done through chanting, rattling, drumming, breath work, essential oils, holding rocks, and energy work.  We will go deep into your soul to release the things that do not serve you here wether from this life or another.  Often times fragmented pieces of the soul are brought back for integration, this is known as soul retrieval.

One can often experience feeling "lighter" having "more direction" and "clarity".

"I took a journey deep into my soul yesterday with Akasha NohAta yesterday for one of the most profound, enlightening, and freeing healings I have ever had.  To see my soul in it's purest form and understand my path so clearly was just what I needed to grow as a integrated practitioner!  If you are strggling with moving forward into 2019 or just in general, I highly recommend!!!" ~Jess Anne

Private Sessions

 $150 90 minutes

Discount Rate 

3 Session Package $375 ($75 discount)

5 Session Package $625 ($125 discount)

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