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Marcy Stone, Intuitive Life Guide. Marcy is a certified and accomplished life guide for over 15 years and holds advanced training certificates in several healing modalities as well as having over 17 years of business leadership experience. As the creator of The Soulfull Paths Technique® she is committed to helping create a world of radiant human beings that are actively manifesting their dreams and gifts into reality. 

The Soulfull Paths® technique is a blend of noetic science, applied quantum physics and life force healing.   The technique is applied while the practitioner functions within a “Theta” and “delta” brainwave and can affect the depths of truth not understood by the intellect that advance the consciousness and human experience to serve individual transformation, which also effects our collective transformation..

By clearing false or limiting beliefs, eliminating elements that hinder your energy’s capacity, we are making room for more positive thoughts, attitudes and habits providing space for whatever your soul is willing to embrace for an overall shift of mind, body and spirit alignment.   This is then solidified through meditation and forms of “homework” that help you to remain focused, creating long-term benefits for a world of radiant human beings that are actively manifesting their dreams and gifts into reality. 

Marcy’s purpose – to help others become empowered in their lives, to see their own radiance and hear their own inner guidance, help you connect with your Higher purpose, move through indecision and doubt to clarity and intentionality and ultimately create a life you love. You will learn to identify your Inner Guidance from false guidance and carve out the pieces of your life that are no longer serving you. As you align with your values and spend more time in resonant relationships and activities, you will feel vibrant, self-confident, clear and ALIVE! This is the life you are meant to live.

Marcy holds advanced training certificates in Akashic Records, Theta Healing, Life Force Energy Healing, Reiki Master as well as being a Certified International Yoga Instructor, Esthetician and Ordained Minister. She is a lifetime student of the healing arts--including meditation, prayer, yoga, and visualization and brings her passion for growth and self-empowerment into her work and her life.  Marcy resides in Telford PA with the love of her life as well as being a mother & step mother to three amazing women.



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